Title: Negative transfer.

Medium: Timber & Galvanised steel wire.

Drawing Porposal.

Interior Intervention, 126 Gallery space, Galway, 2018.

Title: Cage

Medium: Steel, plastic, brambles & electrical elements.

Dim : 98cm x 85cm x 43cm.

Werkstadt Arts Union, Berlin-Neukölln 2017.

Title: Chemnitz // nest

Medium : Steel, thorn, timber, & electrical element

Studio, Co Wicklow Ireland 2017.


Title: Unique form of an electrical charge in space.

Medium: Ceramic, copper plate & wire.

Not Quite ,Fengerfors, Sweden. 2015

Title : Inflation

Medium : Steel and coal.

Dim : 72cm x 52cm x 120cm

Studio , Co Wicklow Ireland  2017





Title: Accelerator_Chemnitz.

Medium: Steel & Plastic

Dim: 21cm x 32cm x 32cm.

Studio, Co Wicklow, Ireland 2017






Miniature Work.

Title : antenna-transister

Medium : Thorn ,steel and electrical elements.

Dim : 6cm x 3cm x 3cm

Studio, Co Wicklow, Ireland.