Die Wende.

Offsite Installation, Franz-Flemming-Str.  Leipzig Germany 2017.


David Dunne’s work manifests in the interconnection between art, nature, science and technology. Dunne’s practice embraces Video, Installation, Sculpture and Photography.

The point of departure is through expropriation, entropy and recontextualization. 

This recent work rooted from previous land art projects, evolved from the framework of Arte Povera and entropy, working with the notion of chaos, collapse and transformation.

Die Wende 2017

Digital Projection

Pilotenkueche Halla 14 Spennerie, Leipzig, Germany

Field /antenna.

Galvanised steel electrical cable and bees wax.

Pilotenkueche Halla 14 Spennerie, Leipzig, Germany 2017.


Silver birch, audio speakers and audio.

Machine Halla, Not Quite, Fengerfors, Sweden 2016.

The compelling dream of itself.

Site specific Installation.

Laxarby, Dalsland, Sweden 2016.

Our understanding predicts its own failure.

Mixed Media, Site Specific Installation.

Not Quite ,Fengerfors, Sweden 2015

Power station.

Site specific installation.

Not Quite, Fengerfors, Sweden 2015.


Site specific installation

Not Quite, Fengerfors, Sweden.